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2019-05-29 / HFE Team

Should India have its own Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal being championed by U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a lot in the news lately. It again brings to the forefront the urgency of climate action. The 2050 deadline for limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degree celsius is fast approaching and the window of opportunity to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change is also rapidly closing.

The U.S.’ Green New Deal aims to bring the country’s greenhouse emissions to net zero and meet 100% of its power demand through renewable, clean, or zero emission sources. However, the U.S. currently generates 80% of its energy from fossil fuels (including shale gas) and the immense proposed overhaul, through 100% switch to energy from green/clean sources, has caused a stir and created vociferous camps of advocates and detractors.

Does the Green New Deal have anything for India to think about. India’s per capita power consumption is only 1/6th of western Europe and 1/3rd of China . As India grows, its per capita consumption is bound to increase (although not in the same proportion due to energy efficient technologies).

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