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2020-01-29 / HFE

BUDGET 2020 - A prescription for the renewable energy industry

The renewable energy industry is hopeful budgetary reform is likely to bring back the sparkle in this sector even amidst the recent flux in the political scenario and forecasts on expected slowdown in the economy, Sunil Jain, CEO & ED, Hero Future Energies writes in a special opinion.

For ages, the Indian industry and the common person have waited eagerly for the government’s budget proposals for the fiscal year and this year is no different except that the slowdown of the Indian economy and to some extent even the global economy is adding to the anxiety among stakeholders as to what will come out from the FM’s purse or the Bhaikhatha as some may prefer to call it.

Read full coverage here: BUDGET 2020 - A prescription for the renewable energy industry: Sunil Jain, Hero Future Energies

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