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2020-03-25 / HFE Team

Rooftop solar calculator in India: The first step to “Green Savvy”

Solar has witnessed an exponential rise in India over the past few years. This increase is driven by the need for a sustainable future, the government’s efforts to create a conducive environment for its growth, and the falling prices of solar energy. As a result, more and more people are adopting solar and rooftop solar EPC companies in India are helping them do the same.

Although there is enough and more awareness about the advantages of rooftop solar in reducing the cost of electricity in businesses, not much on savings and whether going solar will be worth the initial investment. You can always use the rooftop solar calculator to get started.

 The rooftop solar calculator provides basic information on the amount of power generated, carbon emissions reduced, and electricity costs saved. Given the assumptions on which this calculator base its results; site survey is mandatory to deliver accurate results.

Solar rooftop EPC companies in India rely on both the customer’s knowledge and the prevailing conditions to deliver accurate results. The main limitation is the information required by these rooftop solar calculators. Most calculators base their results on information such as roof size or average power requirement, and not all customers can estimate the ‘shadow-free’ region to be used for accurate calculations.

Secondly, the prevailing conditions in the power sector also play a significant role in determining the accuracy of a solar calculator. The cost savings that the solar calculator predicts are based on the region’s current power tariffs and it is impossible for solar rooftop EPC companies in India to determine the future rate of power. So, despite the accuracy of the information provided, the cost savings and payback period are uncertain figures. They are bound to decrease or rise over time depending upon the inflation in power prices.

 However, despite such variables, solar calculators are efficient to give you an idea of your roof’s energy potential. If rooftop solar interests you and you are starting your search from scratch, a rooftop solar calculator India can provide you with an excellent ballpark figure on carbon offsets and savings on electricity bills.

 Solar calculators are the perfect online for starting your surface research with just one click. Although not completely accurate, they can help you determine if the investment is worth it. Once you have decided whether it makes sense to go ahead, you may request free solar rooftop assessments to get accurate results.

 Hero Future Energies, the renewable energy arm of the Hero Group and one of India’s leading IPPs, provides both of these features to help those who are interested easily become renewable energy consumers. So, if you are planning to build both an economical business and a sustainable future, rooftop solar is the way to go and rooftop solar calculators are the best place to get started with your renewable energy journey.

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