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2017-01-31 / Life @ HFE/ HSE

Health Safety & Environment Prospective in the Financial Inclusion of Business

Human intelligence and efforts alone cannot be credited for our accomplishments. For a long term success it is crucial to have clarity of thought. At times failure comes our way and one has to pay a heavy price for it. At Hero Future Energies, we have started planning for the future with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects in our projects regardless of our past mistakes.

Since the Industrial Revolution, today, we can say that there has been drastic improvements with respect to labour compliance, safety & health concerns, and more importantly about the environment. Factories and industries began to implement HSEMS in their day to day work. With such initiations the concept of sustainable developments began to emerge gradually. To put it simply, sustainable development is a combination of three Ps, namely – Planet, People & Profit. In the sustainable model, the three main aspects that any business should operate while taking care of the need of our future generation are – to be environmentally friendly, socially acceptable, and economically viable.

Hero Future Energies has executed more than 1 million safe hours in the fiscal year 2016-17. It is considered as safe hour, when all constructions & operational working hours which HFE has executed during this period was without any LTI (Loss time injury) reports. LTI is any injury which requires medical treatment with more than 48 hours leave from work. This is applicable to all employees, contractors, their sub-contractors including labourers. It is a grand feat where we have been able to achieve such record number of safe hours. To break it down, for wind projects it was 12,059,11 hours and for solar projects it was 1,345,76 hours.

Company’s stringent implementation of HSE policies coupled with regular awareness session helped immensely in achieving such numbers.  The ‘Mandatory HSE induction’, ‘Job Specific Safety’ training for all and expert monitoring by HSE professionals with dedicated site in-charges across all HFE projects contributed to this success story. The terms and conditions in our works contract makes it obligatory for contractors to implement HSEMS on site. Our contract conditions includes all HSE regulations of the land with IFC Performance Standards as well as ISO 14001/ OHSAS 18001 guidelines on which we work! After the successful implementation of HSEMS and ESMS in coordination with the local government authorities, now we can claim that even profit making institutions contribute towards sustainable development.

Earlier, financial institutions would only fund those organisations who worked on the principle of sustainability. But now, financial decision makers have decided to follow these processes for the finalisation of the projects on the basis of ESMS / HSEMS –

  1. Screening of the project
  2. Review of HSEMS process
  3. GAP analysis with respect to ESMS
  4. Preparation of Environment Social Action Plan
  5. Review of the implementation of ESAP
  6. Audit & periodic inspection of the ESAP
  7. Continual improvement

Satish Chaturvedi is leading HSE department in Hero Future Energies. He is an environment professional who has been in this field for almost 11 years. He has been involved in the implementation process of ESMS and EHSMS across power sector namely hydro, thermal and now renewable energy primarily for solar and wind projects.

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