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2017-01-17 / Life @ HFE/ HR

Green resolutions – The way to progress

Resolutions have become an integral part of our lives and especially during the new years’, we are given an opportunity to make amends and move forward. 2016 was an important year for HFE’s growth and it will be going down in history as a remarkable year. But our fight for a greater progress is still on. So, let’s all come together to make 2017 an even better and greener world – for you and me.

The renewable sector which was a nascent sector even two years back, has grown in leaps and bounds. For India, 2016 has been an exceptional year and 2017 looks even more promising for this sector. Our government’s vision of adding 175 GW capacity is no doubt an affirmation of this and the stakeholders are gearing up for it. Capacity installation target is huge so as an IPP we need to ask ourselves ‘Are we prepared to share the Government’s vision of adding this capacity’ as part of our ‘New Year Resolution’?

According to IRENA’s latest annual Renewable Energy job review, it estimates that the global employment in this sector has increased by 5% in 2015 with a total reach of 8.1 million. Specifically in India, it stands at an estimation of 416,000 employment. Human capital has to keep pace with this growing and ever evolving sector and in for that HR has a significant role in enabling this evolution.

HR needs to assume a strategic role w.r.t – ethics, employee engagement, performance parameters and organisational culture. We need to partner with the Management and Business Heads to shape up the organization. We are no longer only the eyes and ears of management but crucial enablers in the overall organisational growth. We need to keep pace with technological advancement, become business savvy, understand economy, environment, be aware of ground realities of the sector. Unless and until HR develops strategic business acumen, it can’t partner in organizational growth. It’s important for HR to be visionary and adapt to growing needs of employees and organisation.

‘You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.’

We are gearing up for this sector’s growth with unwavering vigor and we are excited to extend these opportunities to those who share the same vision of a better and greener world.

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