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2018-08-31 / Life @ HFE/ HR

Exploring The Beautiful City Of Bangkok As A Team

When we think about employee experience and employee engagement, the typical focus is to fall within the confines of the office. Some more known and relatable ones being – When is the next happy hour? How do we create more facetime with leaders? What are our communication best practices?

Our recent offsite trip to Bangkok was organized so that we could move away from these. Away from our desks and work to a place where we can really experience the power of a team at work.

This time, the entire Hero Future Energies team flew to Thailand’s capital city for our annual office retreat. Some participants were excited about spending time together; others were worried they would be forced to do trust falls; and one was terrified that the trip would be a bust. Spoiler alert: We had a blast! And throughout the trip, we learned quite a bit about one another and a lot about what it takes to contribute to the growth of a colleague. When we take employees outside the office walls, employees get the chance to connect on a more personal basis with one another, and this is exactly what we hoped for.

Bangkok holds such a special place among tourists worldwide. A hospitable environment and captivating locations weren’t the only strengths of the city – its culture stood in a league of its own. And the best way to explore this culture was to become a part of it. HFE family was divided into teams and moved about the city to experience the city’s offering – its art and craft of the place, cuisine, culture; everything held a unique charm which everyone was glad to have experienced.     

This fun was accompanied by a feeling of pride as well. Having made considerable progress as a family in the last 5 years, it was a moment to reflect on the work we had done and appreciate ourselves for it.

Such a memorable trip would have been incomplete without one final party in Bangkok. And the HFE family knows how to have splendid parties. The night was full of fun, conversations, laughter, and most importantly, memories.

After the games were played, the drinks had, and the party put out, every employee felt refreshed and rejuvenated to get to work and change the world. We now feel closer as co-workers, have a stronger connection to the team, and more comfortable approaching our leadership.

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